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Our Work

Empowering Survivors: Offering Hope and Healing

We are Canada’s leading authority on human trafficking and also provide support for survivors of this horrific crime. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Every survivor of human trafficking has a unique path to healing, and we understand the importance of providing nurturing, understanding, and steadfast support. Much like a trusted friend, we walk alongside survivors through each step of their journey, advocating for their needs and providing the kind of support that fosters empowerment and healing.

What sets The Joy Smith Foundation apart is our depth of understanding of the human trafficking experience and our commitment to addressing each survivor's unique needs. We are more than supporters; we are partners in their journey towards healing and hope.

The Joy Smith Foundation has helped over 7000+ human trafficking survivors and their families restore their lives.

There is hope! Survivors can heal. Families can be reunited. Justice can be served.

Our Pillars


Knowledge is power: it’s our greatest weapon against human trafficking. Through education, we protect and advocate, as well as support survivors' healing and rebuilding journey. As the leading authority, we provide educational resources to Canadians, educators, parents, front-line responders, those working in the justice system and community members. Survivors can heal. Families can be reunited. Justice can be served.

An extensive library of literature, videos and webinars, as well as in-person workshops, are available for free to teachers, parents, front-line responders and all Canadians.


We believe in the power of collaboration. With inter-agency cooperation across Canada and the sharing of resources and information, we can amplify the strength of our collective efforts. Human trafficking is a complex issue. It takes community members, government, and agencies working together to make significant, coordinated, and far-reaching change.

joy smith foundation


Throughout Canada, many organizations and agencies are ready to provide help to survivors and their families. However, for many survivors finding the right healing supports can be a daunting task. We walk alongside individuals and families as they navigate the larger systems and connect them with the appropriate help to find healing, justice and a hopeful future.

“I learned that human trafficking has unfortunately become very common, that no one is immune from getting lured into this dangerous lifestyle and that steps must be taken to better educate teachers and our youth.” 
-- Workshop Participant