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The Truth About Human Trafficking in Canada

Education is our greatest weapon

Human trafficking is happening in cities and towns across our country. Every day, at-risk youth and adults are manipulated and forced to participate in the sex trade or labour market. What starts as a seemingly innocent conversation online or in real life can quickly turn into something sinister that affects lives forever.

It can happen anywhere at anytime.

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Within one kilometre of you, 
someone is being lured into sex trafficking

Joy in Action 2024

Join the Joy Smith Foundation for our annual Joy in Action in-person and virtual fundraiser happening August 17-25, 2024!

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A Podcast To Empower and Enlighten

Join us as we shine a light on the dark conversations. 'Luma and Bloom' offers thoughtful and insightful dialogue to topics that are otherwise avoided. 

By having hard conversations in a meaningful way, you can challenge your thoughts and beliefs, learn from knowledgeable guests, and grow your mind. Listen in to learn and expand your understanding on the difficult topics and subjects that surround human trafficking.
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Education is our greatest weapon

The more we know and understand about human trafficking, the more we can do to stop it. 

Education is our greatest weapon in the prevention of human trafficking. When we know who is most vulnerable and the signs to watch for, we can all take steps to prevent it from happening. 

Everyone plays a role in prevention. Working together we can prevent human trafficking in communities across Canada.
"I’m really glad the Joy Smith Foundation presented to my students. There were 5 students in my classroom I was worried about. It opened up discussion and it was well received by the students. One of the students came up to me to say that she was breaking off with her boyfriend because of the presentation. Her boyfriend was making very inappropriate requests of her."
--Teacher, Grade 9
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Our Work

We provide Education, 
Intervention, and 
Prevention Programs.

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Every dollar makes
a difference as we work together 
to end human trafficking
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How We are Making a Difference

The Joy Smith Foundation is Canada's leading authority on human trafficking prevention, intervention and support for survivors of this horrific crime.

Our goal is simple: to end human trafficking in Canada. Education and awareness leads to understanding. Donations of time and financial support help us extend the impact of our programs into new communities and to reach more survivors.

What sets the Joy Smith Foundation apart is our depth of understanding of the human trafficking experience and our commitment to addressing each survivor's unique needs. We are more than supporters; we are partners in their journey towards healing and hope.