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The Joy Smith Foundation works to provide access to information so that every Canadian man, woman and child is educated and empowered to stay safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them in the sex trade or forced labour.
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Joy Smith's Story

Joy Smith’s journey highlights how the passion and the actions of one individual can make a difference for so many others. Joy, a mother of six and a schoolteacher, first became aware of human trafficking when one of her students was being trafficked.

After learning no laws yet existed in Canada to protect survivors of human trafficking, Joy began working to bring perpetrators to justice. In 2004, Joy became a Member of Parliament (MP) and made Canadian history as the first sitting MP to amend the Criminal Code twice, strengthening sentencing for traffickers and expanding Canadian laws to reach internationally.

In 2011, Joy founded The Joy Smith Foundation to combat human trafficking. Over the years, her work and her vision grew. The Foundation started in her home and has grown into a three-generational organization, fighting human trafficking. Today, Joy continues to advocate and raise awareness for this important issue across Canada and around the world, and is widely recognized as a trailblazer in leading the fight to end human trafficking. Janet Campbell, Joy's daughter, leads the organization as its President and CEO.

One of the Foundation’s most significant achievements is the launch of The National Human Trafficking Education Centre in 2021. It is the country’s first educational centre of its kind. The Joy Smith Foundation is dedicated to providing Canadians with the knowledge and tools they need, with the ultimate goal of using education to end human trafficking. 

Our History

Joy Smith started teaching career in Manitoba.
Joy gives seminars on "How to Protect Your Child from Internet Predators” to generate awareness. To her surprise, young victims came forward with stories that moved Joy to act further.
Joy realizes no Canadian laws exist to protect victims or to bring perpetrators to justice.
Joy wins a seat in the Manitoba Legislature. Continues working to rescue and rehabilitate survivors.
Joy is elected Member of Parliament to give a voice to the vulnerable young victims by building awareness of the issue among colleagues and contacts in the highest levels of government.

Bill C-268 passed, enshrining mandatory minimum sentencing for traffickers of children 18 years and younger in Canada’s Criminal Code.


Joy developed Canada’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking so that law enforcement and social agencies work toward better enforcement of the new laws.


Bill C-310 passed, with unanimous consent, to reach the long arm of Canadian law into other countries where Canadian citizens or permanent residents traffic or exploit others abroad. Joy makes history as the first sitting MP to amend the Criminal Code twice to better protect victims of human trafficking.

The Joy Smith Foundation Inc. launched October 27, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario.
Joy retired from Parliament to volunteer full-time for her Foundation. The Foundation evolved from its sole focus on providing funds to shelter organizations, to include a focus on prevention and awareness programs.

Joy travelled from coast to coast filming an educational documentary to tell Canada’s authentic story of human trafficking. "Human Trafficking: Canada’s Secret Shame" is the culmination of the Joy Smith Foundation’s efforts to educate the Canadian public on human trafficking. 

The Foundation now includes arms in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. The focus further shifts toward education to make students, teachers and parents aware of what human trafficking looks like in Canada.
Janet Campbell appointed President and CEO.
October 2021
The National Human Trafficking Education Centre now provides service and assistance to survivors and their families across Canada.
February 2023
“See The Signs” awareness campaign launch generating broad awareness of the typical signs of human trafficking that you may notice happening to your family, friends or other loved ones. . The campaign has been broadcast on national television, appeared on billboards from coast to coast and across social media platforms.
November 2023
Launched “Luma and Bloom” podcast. Listen in to learn and expand your understanding on the difficult topics and subjects that surround human trafficking.

Joy Smith

Joy is passionate about working on the frontlines where she feels her contribution delivers the most impact: educating Canadians on preventing human trafficking and helping victims connect with the resources they need for recovery.  She is a highly-respected authority on human trafficking and an in-demand speaker.

Janet Campbell

CEO and President
Janet brings a wealth of business experience having directed growth in several organizations and successfully leading in complex environments. She has been actively involved in the Foundation since its inception as a dedicated volunteer and in an advisory position on the Foundation Board. 

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