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The Joy Smith Foundation is Canada's leading authority on human trafficking prevention, intervention and support for survivors. Through strengthened criminal laws, enhanced community awareness and compassionate support for survivors, we’ve helped over 7000 human trafficking survivors and their families restore their lives, heal and integrate back into their communities. What makes The Joy Smith Foundation unique is our depth of understanding of the human trafficking experience and our commitment to addressing each survivor's unique needs. We are more than supporters; we are partners in their journey towards healing and hope.

The Joy Smith Foundation provides Prevention, Intervention and Education programs to help fight - and end - human trafficking.

Our mission is to ensure that every Canadian is safe from manipulation, force or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them into the sex trade or forced labour.

National Human Trafficking Education Centre

In 2021, The Foundation launched the National Human Trafficking Education Centre (NHTEC), Canada’s first and only education centre created to comprehensively address the issue of human trafficking on a national scale.

NHTEC is a unique online hub that offers a wide variety of educational courses to help Canadians understand and fight human trafficking. Through the Centre every Canadian has free access to learn about human trafficking and the role each of us plays in prevention and intervention.

The Centre’s diverse range of courses and material is composed of two streams – Prevention and Intervention. These programs are delivered in a variety of formats including webinars, seminars and online training courses. In addition, programming can be delivered using both self-guided and/or instructor-led formats. Programming can be delivered in person or virtually.


Janet Campbell - President and CEO

janet campbell

Janet Campbell has been an integral part of The Joy Smith Foundation since its inception, serving as a dedicated volunteer. In 2021, she assumed the position of President and CEO. 

Janet draws daily inspiration from her role leading the Foundation. She acknowledges the immense strength exhibited by victims and survivors of sex trafficking, individuals who have endured unimaginable abuse and horrors. Their resilience and strength, demonstrated by their very survival, serve as a constant source of motivation for Janet.


Janet recently spearheaded the "See the Trafficking Signs" campaign, a compelling national awareness and education initiative aimed at preventing Canadian youth from falling victim to the sex trafficking. This campaign enlightens the public about the common signs that someone may be at risk of being groomed and coerced into sex trafficking.


The campaign included signage for the most common signs of human trafficking.   These signs were seen across Canada on billboards, digital signage posted in public bathrooms, community centres, schools, and business places and extensive media coverage.


Beyond her involvement with the Foundation, Janet boasts extensive experience in guiding the growth of various technology and service-based organizations. This wealth of business acumen enables Janet to approach the complex issue of Canadian human trafficking with innovative perspectives, providing effective solutions for survivor rehabilitation and public education.

Joy Smith - Founder

Joy Smith’s journey, and the history behind the Foundation, are testimony that the actions of one individual can make a difference for so many others.
Joy jumped into action after learning no laws yet existed in Canada to protect victims, or to bring perpetrators to justice. She decided to run, and won, a seat in the Manitoba Legislature in 1999. In 2004, she became a Member of Parliament and made Canadian history as the first sitting MP to amend the Criminal Code twice, strengthening sentencing for traffickers and expanding Canadian laws to reach internationally. 
In 2011, Joy founded the Joy Smith Foundation and with the help of volunteers and supporters, continues to advocate and raise awareness for this important issue across Canada and around the world. 

Janet Campbell and Joy Smith are available for interviews and can speak about:

  • Myths and misconceptions about human trafficking in Canada
  • The healing journey for survivors
  • Most recent trends and challenges
  • Signs of human trafficking and what to watch for
  • How education and community involvement can end human trafficking

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Janet Campbell

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