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The National Human Trafficking Education Centre features an extensive – and growing – library of courses and resources. Human trafficking impacts Canadians in rural and urban communities from coast to coast. Every day, at-risk youth and adults are manipulated and forced to participate in the sex trade or labour market. It can happen anywhere at anytime. Less than a kilometre from where you live today, someone is being trafficked.

Our courses are targeted to specific audiences and ages to ensure that the content and resources are applicable, actionable and helpful. Content is developed by the Joy Smith Foundation, a leading and nationally recognized expert on human trafficking. Many courses also include content suitable for faith-based, Indigenous and immigrant/migrant communities.

Thank you for your interest in the National Human Trafficking Education Centre. 

Some courses are free and others are offered for a fee. Consider signing up for a course on your own, with your family, work colleagues or as a group.

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