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Your Donation Will Help Support…

Education Programs
$650 can pay for the development and design of student, teacher or parent manuals

$2500 can pay for a three day seminar tour, with travel, informing over a thousand people on the risks and signs of human trafficking

$50 000 can pay for the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary Human Trafficking Awareness School Program for junior high and high school aged students that will reach vulnerable youth and their guardians in participating schools across the country. The program will make whole communities safer. This program includes:
  • Grade specific learning modules for students
  • Professional development – human trafficking teaching modules for teachers
  • Information kits for parents
  • This estimation includes print costs to launch to an initial estimated 1300 students, parents and teachers

Rescue & Rehabilitation 
$55 can provide trauma-informed programming, food and shelter for a trafficking victim for one day

$2000 can take a victim and a trained support worker from one province and establish her in a safe-house in another province

$5000 can provide trauma informed programming, food, and shelter for a victim of human trafficking for three months

Estimation suggests that the societal costs of rehabilitation can cost upwards of $800 000, when taking into account physical abuse requiring medical care, sexually transmitted diseases, pressured drug use treatment, social services utilization, justice system utilization, and ongoing lifelong care related to the trafficking. 

The cost to the victim is harder to measure. It can take many years to heal from the physical, mental and spiritual pain, and restoring trust and relationships can be difficult. Preventing even one victim from getting trafficked has a huge impact.

Our Accountability
All of our projects are personally overseen by Joy Smith and carefully monitored by our Board of Directors. Joy Smith does not receive any remuneration from the Joy Smith Foundation. We report back to our donors regularly through our website, our newsletters and on social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see your donations in action!