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About Us What We Do

Our Focus is on Education

We develop human trafficking educational programs and facilitate their implementation in Canadian schools. We provide training and educational materials to teachers, parents and volunteers to help them raise awareness of human trafficking in their communities.
Canadian families are now being equipped with the knowledge they need to protect their children from predators, and Canadian youth are now recognizing the signs of being groomed by traffickers. The societal costs of human trafficking are enormous, and our best hope is to prevent this crime from happening in the first place.

Raising Awareness

We host events and fundraisers to raise awareness of human trafficking and to support the development and implementation of our education programs. Joy Smith and our Team give regular presentations on human trafficking to groups nationwide. Request a speaker!

Many Canadians are surprised when they learn how prevalent human trafficking is here in Canada, and traffickers are empowered by this public apathy. We seek to fill the gaps in public knowledge that allow traffickers to thrive.

Working Together to End Human Trafficking

Commanding Officer Scott Kolody Joy Smith MLA Andrew Micklefield
We partner with other anti-trafficking organizations and campaigns, and with law 
enforcement to develop holistic strategies to suppress this crime.

We work alongside elected officials from all parties, at all levels of government, to create systemic change through policy and legislation.
Financial Support

We provide support to Survivors of human trafficking and their families.

We provide funds to organizations working on the frontlines to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.

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Who we have helped…

  • Individual Survivors and their families across Canada
  • Magdalene House (Alberta)
  • Dignity House (Manitoba)
  • Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre (Manitoba)
  • Walk With Me (Ontario)
  • Win 111 (Alberta)
  • Children of the Street (BC)
  • Hope for the Sold (Ontario)
  • Sir Hugh MacDonald Memorial Hostel (Manitoba)
  • Sextrade 101 (Ontario)
  • Salvation Army (BC)
  • Truth for Teens (Ontario)
  • Timea’s Cause (Ontario)
  • Deborah’s Gate (BC)
  • Grace Church/Bridgenorth (Ontario)
  • Inner City Women (Manitoba)
  • Not In My City (Alberta)
  • And many others…
"Thank-you Joy Smith for giving Canada a reality check on the horrific crime of human trafficking. Her steadfast perseverance to give a voice to the voiceless and put a big spotlight on this crime has opened up the minds and hearts of Canadians to identify how they contribute to the problem and most importantly how they can become part of the solution. You have often times stood alone in this hard fight for justice and we will be forever grateful that because of you, Canada is a safer place for women and girls!”
Diane Redsky
Executive Director, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

"It was an honour to serve in Parliament with Joy Smith. She opened my eyes to the horror of human trafficking hidden in plain sight across Canada. Her work has saved lives, rescuing people from a life of degradation and loss of dignity. Her fight is our fight.”
Elizabeth May
Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader of the Green Party of Canada

"I was fortunate enough listen to Joy speak at my children’s school a few weeks ago in Wawanesa, MB.  I cannot express how moved I was by the information brought forward by Joy. I am the mother of three teenagers, one boy and two girls. This topic is very timely for my family, as my children and their friends are the most susceptible at this age. I am fully aware that human trafficking as well as sexual abuse is evident in all of our communities. I feel that education is power. The best way to protect our children and ourselves is to be proactive. If children don’t recognize signs of danger, or don’t realize it’s wrong, they could easily fall prey to these offenders.”
Wendy S.
Parent from Wawanesa, Manitoba
"My daughter attends Lavallee School. Last night she told me about Joy Smith attending her school and discussing the incredibly heavy topic of human trafficking. THANK YOU for talking about this important issue...especially with young people who are still quite naïve and trusting! Thank you for discussing about how easily one can be taken and never seen again. As parents, we all warn our kids to be careful and watch out for strangers. So I'm really happy that real stories were shared about how even trusted acquaintances can have ulterior motives. So important to let our kids know to not be paranoid but to be informed and aware and cautious. You are doing great work and it's appreciated."
Shannon P.
Parent from Winnipeg, Manitoba
"Joy Smith’s passion to eliminate human trafficking in Canada continues to inspire me. For years, I observed Joy accomplish more in legislation as a Member of Parliament than most Parliamentarians ever could. Her belief that failure was not an option made all of her colleagues pay attention. I was, and still am proud to have been there with Joy.”
Joe Preston, Former Member of Parliament
Owner of Prestaurants Inc. and Living Alive Granola
"Joy, thank you for speaking at Canadian Women in Aviation 2017 and sharing your stories and mission with us working in aviation. I know I for one will be looking for signs that you mentioned while travelling by air. Your message is powerful and will help make the world safer for those at risk.” 
Captain Chelsey Llewellyn
Crew Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force
Canadian Women in Aviation

"Hello Joy, I received word that if for none of the other speakers, yours made it worth it. Such an important topic which allows us to add value to our workplace and be a positive contribution to our world. Thank you sincerely. I hope to see this subject come up more often.”
Contessa Bishop
Canadian Women in Aviation

"Joy’s compelling story [on Parliament Hill] is a captivating picture of triumph over adversity, determination in the face of great challenge, and that through the power of faith and prayer all things are possible. An exceptional model of faith-inspired leadership and impact, Joy’s personal journey will inspire hope, courage and confidence in women of every age and stage.” 
Susan Finlay
Founder & National Director, Nation At Prayer

 "Human Trafficking: Canada’s Secret Shame” Documentary

"The video is well done. It has been well thought through with those that have been on the video. They most certainly speak on the ugly truths of the issue. The video is powerful. I will be airing it on our local TV station. Again, thank you for all you do.”
Ron Evans
Former Chief of Norway House Cree Nation
Former Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

"What a great video! It’s a one stop crash course on human trafficking. The interviews were wonderful. As a tool, it is great, and I hope it gets huge circulation.”
Brian McConaghy
Founding Director, Ratanak International
Former RCMP Forensic Scientist

"Knowledge, hope and change are more than messages in this human trafficking documentary. It’s our collective call to action. Human trafficking is not some abstract abuse happening far away, it’s here in Canada, right now. This documentary will challenge any assumptions you have and hopefully move us all to act.”
Deputy Chief of Police Gordon Perrier
Winnipeg Police Service

"Human trafficking is finally being recognized as a serious issue in Canada. Joy Smith’s relentless pursuit of solutions has been the springboard to increased awareness, specific trafficking legislation and the development of prevention programs. The documentary tells the story of human trafficking in Canada from the point of view of survivors who have experienced the brutality and trauma of traffickers, real people working on the front lines with victims, and their families, and others. It is critical that everyone watch the documentary to learn and better understand how traffickers work so they can protect themselves and their families.”
Megan Walker
Executive Director, London Abused Women’s Centre

"This is a very important video that presents the reality of sex trafficking in Canada. We need everyone to watch this video to expand our circle of Helpers in order to stop this most extreme form of violence targeted to women and girls. Together we can end the average age of recruitment of our 13-year old girls.”
Diane Redsky
Executive Director, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

"The True Story of Canadian Human Trafficking” Book

"The powerful stories in this book shine a light on the very dark, insidious reality of human trafficking here in Canada. It could happen to anyone and presents a risk to all. This is not just a threat that happens somewhere else to children we will never know or see, this has spread to neighbourhoods in every corner of Canada. This is a clarion call to action and should inspire us all to be aware and to do all that we can to stop it.”
Hon. Peter MacKay
Former Cabinet Minister
Partner at Baker & McKenzie LLP

"The True Story of Canadian Human Trafficking seen through the eyes of survivors will be an educational tool for Canadians. We cannot get enough education and awareness on this poignant issue.”
Scott Kolody
Assistant Commissioner, RCMP Manitoba

"Paul Boge has masterfully weaved together the story of Joy Smith’s relentless work to fight injustice with the grave reality faced by victims of sex trafficking every day in Canada. Prepare to be gripped by the horrors of modern day slavery, the power of hope and resilience of survivors. Every person that picks up this book will be impacted. Conviction, compassion and courage change lives.”
Joel Oosterman
Former Chief of Staff to MP Joy Smith

"Author, Paul Boge, delicately weaves two parallel narratives to reveal the grim reality of human trafficking in Canada which thrives in a political and social culture of ignorance and naiveté. Powerful and devastating, this book is a must-read for everyone who cares about the safety and well being of our nation’s children and the systemic, malevolent sickness that targets them.”
Steve Bell
Singer-Songwriter & Author
"The book was riveting. How the stories were told and woven together was amazing. I hope and pray that many people will read this book and that hearts and minds will change, and that girls will be freed.”
Pearlene C.