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Resources for Supports
Manitoba Justice Victim Services created a guide on sexual assault, You have Options: Help After Sexual Assault 

Sexual Assault Programs
MB Sexual Assault Crisis Line 24/7 province-wide
In Winnipeg: 204-786-8631
Toll Free in MB: 1-888-292-7565
In-person counselling, sexual assault intake: 204-784-4059 
Medical or legal follow-up appointments: 204-784-4049
Counselling services to women who have experience childhood or adolescent sexual victimization. 
Sage House (Winnipeg) 
Service delivery to women involved in survival sex work.
TERF is a transition and healing program for children, youth, adults and transgender people who have been exploited through the sex trade.
204-786-7051 ext. 5311 
Supports survivors of sexual violence and family members, loved ones, and friends of sexual violence.
Indigenous & Cultural Supports
Culturally based support and advocacy services for Indigenous women who have experienced sexual assault and sexual violence.
Offers traditional based healing approaches for victims of crime, particularly focused on healing from trauma.
MKO Mobile Crisis Response Team provides holistic, culturally sensitive and safe crisis response trauma intervention to all Manitoba’s First Nation communities.
1-844-927-LIFE (5433)
Counselling Resources outside of Winnipeg
Contact for counselling and mental health supports in your region.
Free or low-cost counselling programs for victims of crime in MB.
Child Protection Resources
An interactive safety education program for children from kindergarten to high school.
A program to help organizations create safe environments for children, with a plan for reducing the risk of child sexual abuse.
Reduce the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, assist in the location of missing children, and prevent child victimization.
Canada's tipline for reporting the sexual exploitation of children.