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Racial inequality is a contributing factor to human trafficking 

June 2, 2020

Let us be clear. The Joy Smith Foundation stands against all forms of violent oppression.

We recognize that if we seek to work for justice, we must dismantle a system that values some lives above others, and allows silence to maintain a status of complacency when it comes to racial inequality.

We recognize that this extends to all forms of oppression within a system that is built upon racism and intersects with issues of sexual exploitation as well.

We regularly see that a major cause of human trafficking is racial inequality. We see that Black, Hispanic, Asian and Indigenous women and girls are more likely to be trafficked at higher rates, even though we have worked with survivors of all racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

This is violence.

This is how systemic injustice works. It is pervasive throughout our whole society.

We advocate for accountability for those in positions of power and authority, as well as every individual on a community level.

We must all do better.

We must do everything we can to change it, in all its forms. And it must begin with each of us on an individual level so that we can change things on a societal level.