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Human Trafficking in Canada: Educational Resource, Grades 8-12

Everyday our youth are being lured into the sex trade by traffickers who gain their trust. This school program will equip students in grades 8-12 with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from predators. 

Students will learn how to recognize the signs of grooming, and that the blame and shame rests on the predators alone. Students will learn about Canada’s history of fighting slavery and about the laws that are in place today to protect victims. 

The Educational Resource kit includes a six part presentation and the 90 minute documentary Human Trafficking: Canada’s Secret Shame. Now available on USB Drive or CD & DVD

Educational Resource Grades 8-12Part 1: Survivors Speak Out
Part 2: From Past to Present
Part 3: Human Trafficking Today in Canada
Part 4: How to Recognize & Report Human Trafficking
Part 5: Getting to Know the Joy Smith Foundation
Part 6: Starting the Conversation


Human Trafficking in Canada: Educational Resource, Grades 5-7

Human Trafficking: Canada’s Secret Shame

Human Trafficking: Canada's Secret ShameIn 2017 we produced a documentary about human trafficking today in Canada, and the work of the Foundation and others to suppress it. It is an authentic story told by experts across Canada. Directors of leading NGOs speak about rescuing and rehabilitating survivors. A police officer talks about taking down trafficking rings and bringing perpetrators to justice. A reformed trafficker tells how he lured young girls into the sex trade. A parent whose daughter was trafficked recalls the heart wrenching agony of what he and his family went through. A survivor of human trafficking tells her story. Order Now


"After seeing the documentary and the presentation about how traffickers work to lure us, I realized my so-called boyfriend was doing exactly that! I broke up with him.”
Robin, grade 10 student

"My boyfriend took pictures of me and sent them to his buddy. He asked me to come to a party and have sex with his friends. After listening to your presentation, I think he is grooming me. I’m not going to do it.”
Monica, grade 9 student
"My daughter told me about Joy Smith attending her school and discussing the incredibly heavy topic of human trafficking. THANK YOU for talking about this important issue...especially with young people who are still quite naïve and trusting! As parents, we all warn our kids to be careful and watch out for strangers. So I'm really happy that real stories were shared about how even trusted acquaintances can have ulterior motives. You are doing great work and it's appreciated."
Shannon P., Parent

"I was fortunate enough listen to Joy speak at my children’s school in Wawanesa, Manitoba. I cannot express how moved I was by the information brought forward by Joy. I am the mother of three teenagers, one boy and two girls. I am fully aware that human trafficking as well as sexual abuse is evident in all of our communities. I feel that education is power. If children don’t recognize signs of danger, or don’t realize it’s wrong, they could easily fall prey to these offenders.”
Wendy S., Parent

"After every single presentation I have given, a student has approached me to tell me that they have been groomed by traffickers, or that they have been trafficked. I believe that a comprehensive school program on human trafficking in Canada is vital to ensuring the safety of our youth.”
Joy Smith, B.Ed, M.Ed, Founder & President