Learn Know the Signs

Watch for the signs that your student, child or friend is being groomed by traffickers.
Youth are lured into the sex trade everyday in Canada because they are unaware of the grooming tactics used by predators. We believe that human trafficking can best be prevented through education. 

  • Sudden interest in a boy or man who is several years older
  • New clothing, jewelry or gifts without having the money to purchase these items
  • Frequent sleepovers at a friends’ house
  • Change in style of dress or makeup
  • New circle of friends and isolation from old group of friends
  • Change in attitude toward school, regular activities, friends and family
  • Grades are dropping
  • Unexplained cuts and bruises
  • Using two cell phones

What is Grooming? 
  • Grooming is the process whereby predators work to gain the trust of the victim, while isolating them from family and friends.
  • Predators may buy youth expensive gifts such as brand name clothing or jewelry, or take them to fancy restaurants after knowing them for only a short time.
  • Often predators will tell their victims that they love them after knowing them for only a short time.
  • Predators are often emotionally manipulative and physically and mentally abusive. Some use violence or threats of violence towards the victim’s family as a form of control and as a way to isolate the victim from their family.
  • Predators fuel victims’ mistrust of police.

Blame & Shame: On the Predators Alone
No one under 16 can consent to sexual acts or exploitation. Sex trafficked youth are not criminals and cannot be charged; they are identified as victims by law enforcement. The blame should not be placed on the victim.

Traffickers are very skilled at influencing innocent victims. It is particularly easy for them to intimidate, persuade and manipulate underage youth to succumb to their demands.

When an individual is lured by human traffickers into the sex trade, the blame and shame should rest on the shoulders of the perpetrators alone. They are criminals, devoid of conscience and indifferent to the damage they are inflicting on young lives and on Canadian society.
Parents are often unnecessarily consumed with guilt when they find out what their children have done. Again, the blame rests on the perpetrators alone.

If you suspect someone you know is being trafficked please contact the Human Trafficking National Crisis Line 1.866.528.7109 or Crime Stoppers 1.800.222.8477. In Manitoba contact 1.844.333.2211.