Get Involved I Am Love Project Partnership 2019

We are so grateful to have support from I Am Love Project! On January 20th, 2019, Amy Tung (founder of I Am Love Project) hosted a pop-up yoga fundraiser in support of the Joy Smith Foundation. The event raised over $1500!

I Am Love Project
I Am Love Project

I Am Love Project also created "The Healer" bracelet to help raise more funds and awareness to end human trafficking. 
"This bracelet was designed to free Survivors from the prison walls that was their experience. By buying this bracelet you are giving Survivors a chance to realize their full emotional potential and capabilities, away from the torment of their past. You are becoming their Healer." Shop Now
8mm Sodalite beads
Silver plated cubic zirconia tube 
Sterling silver LOVE charm
The Healer 
If you are interested in organizing your own fundraiser for the Joy Smith Foundation, please contact us