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Human Trafficking Cases in Canada: 2019
Mohan "Jarry” Ahlowalia was arrested at Mount Nemo mansion in relation to a human-trafficking investigation. The alleged offences, including human trafficking as well as sexual and physical assault, took place in Burlington and Milton between 2006 and 2019 and involved more than one victim. 
Durham police allege that Kimel Beckford, 33, recruited a 16-year-old girl and forced her to work in the sex trade across the Greater Toronto Area. Beckford is being charged with trafficking in persons under 18 years old and material benefit from trafficking in persons under the age of 18. 
Elkan Vyizigiro, 22, and Meaz Nour-Eldin, 22, face charges after a woman was trafficked in London and other Ontario cities over a three-week period. London police began investigating in October 2019 after a woman claimed she had been trafficked by men after meeting them through another woman. 
Khumane Agil, 40, was arrested and charged after police found that he had been exploiting a victim in the sex trade over a two month period. The suspect exercised control over all aspects of the victims life and profited as a result. 
Over 3 people were arrested and more than 300 charges were laid in the year-long investigation that has turned out to have been one of the largest sex-trafficking rings in Canadian history. The investigation was opened in October 2018, when two young victims managed to call York Regional Police from a hotel. The trafficking was carried out by an unnamed organized crime group with at least four members. Investigators searched over 30 locations before making arrests. Over 100 of the charges were human trafficking related, while other charges also included fraud, drug trafficking and weapons offences. Police determined that at least 30 women were victims of trafficking within this organization, and are receiving the support they need in order to attempt to recover from this terrible tragedy. 

Niagara Regional Police are attempting to locate two missing men wanted on dozens of charges including human trafficking and child sex abuse/child pornography. 
Eron Rochester, 22, was wanted on human trafficking charges between July 2016 and April 2018. His victim was recruited into the escort services and was exploited/trafficked throughout Ontario and across the country to British Colombia.
Toronto police have arrested five people in a human-trafficking related investigation, including a mother and a son. The victim met one of the suspects online, who invited her to a party where she was sexually assaulted and then forced into the sex trade. She was in turn forced to turn in her earnings to the suspects mother. Police believe there may be more victims and are attempting to ensure that everyone has access to support services. 

Robert Treleaven, 47, has been accused of recruiting a woman to work in the sex trade. Treleaven previously operated an escort service and directed the victim to work under him. Charges laid include trafficking in persons by exercising control, advertising sexual services and assault. 

An investigation revealed that Louisa Wallis, 25, and Michael Moffat, 24, recruited, procured and trafficked victims from a home in Edmonton between December 2018 and March 2019. Charges such as; trafficking of a person under 18 years old, sexual assault of a person under 16 years old, child pornography, and agreement or arrangement of sexual offences against a child were laid. 

Bradley Dominique, 21, from Quebec faces charges after police responded to a call concerning the residence. Charges laid include human trafficking, sexual assault, assault, uttering death threats and assault with a weapon. 

Pembina Valley, Winkler. 
A teen got into a fight with her family and had called an acquaintance to pick her up. She was brought to a house where she was forced to take drugs and perform sexual acts. The Human Trafficking Unit later began an investigation and four people are being charged with a number of offences such as trafficking persons under 18 by recruitment and material benefit from sexual services. 

Kevin Barreau, 22, of Montreal was arrested after a victim came forward and told police she was forced into the sex trade in Ontario and Quebec. He is alleged to force the victim to turn over all her earnings and to abide by rules imposed by him and ordered to meet a quota each day. Barreau is facing 14 charges in connection with the investigation. 
Police have arrested three people and are looking for a fourth in two separate human trafficking cases, both involving a 17-year-old girl. 16 charges have been laid including trafficking in persons under the age of 18 by recruiting and material benefit from sexual services provided by a person under 18.