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About Us Our Team


Alexandra Cunningham headshotAlexandra Cunningham

Vice President
Alexandra Cunningham is a wife, mother, student, and the Vice-President of the Joy Smith Foundation. Her passion lies with her family and her desire to help others, which is why her work to help prevent human trafficking through the Joy Smith Foundation has been so rewarding over the past five years. Completing both her BSc (Hons) and BA was the beginning of her academic pursuits. As she works towards her Masters of Psychology, her aspirations to one day work with emergency service providers, first responders, and those struggling with PTSD as a clinical psychologist holds great importance in her heart. Growing up, she witnessed firsthand her brother, Edward, actively working in the field to combat human trafficking, and then her mother, Joy, compelled to make a difference by passing anti-human trafficking laws as a Member of Parliament and then starting her own Foundation. This truly inspired and influenced Alexandra as she chose her career path. Her passion for the issue, coupled with her great admiration for the tremendous work both her brother and mother have done to raise awareness and combat human trafficking here in Canada, is why she felt the need to become a member of the Joy Smith Foundation team.  


Tara TengTara Teng

B.C. Director of Operations
Tara is responsible for overseeing BC fundraising efforts, donor relations, and implementation of the prevention program and education curriculum in BC schools, social media outreach and the strategic initiatives in collaboration with the national strategy of JSF. With a background in media, brand marketing and over 10 years experience in the non-profit community, Tara seeks to develop a network of support and grow the engagement of the Joy Smith Foundation across Canada. She has worked alongside Joy Smith for eight years and spent time in her Ottawa Office while Mrs. Smith was a Member of Parliament. Prior to joining the Joy Smith Foundation, Tara was a well-known advocate for women’s empowerment and ending human trafficking. She worked in collaborative partnership with frontline anti-human trafficking organizations throughout South East Asia and Canada, bringing the issue of human trafficking to the world stage through her role as Miss World Canada in 2012. Tara has spoken at TEDx, MTV Exit and done national speaking tours in multiple countries. She received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, an international hero award from the Joy Smith Foundation and was named Canada’s Woman of the Year in 2011. 


Madeline WielerMadeline Wieler

Project Manager
Madeline has over 6 years of experience working with children and youth in both direct programme and policy work. Most recently Madeline was an advocate with the largest child rights organization at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BA, major in Political Studies, and has completed the Volunteer Management Leadership Certificate Program out of Humber College. She is an avid reader and enjoys running with the goal to accomplish a half marathon in the future. She is honoured and grateful to work with the passionate team at the Joy Smith Foundation.


 National Board of Directors

  • Joy Smith, Founder & President
  • Alexandra Cunningham, Vice President
  • Janet Campbell, Chair
  • Sgt. Edward Riglin, Advisor
  • Michael Riglin, Director
  • Natasha Smith, Director
  • Linda Kerr, Saskatchewan Director
  • Joe Preston, Ontario Director