Learn Facts & Figures

Human trafficking exists in two main forms here in Canada:
  1. Sex trafficking – prostitution, massage parlours, stripping
  2. Forced labour – nannies, live-in caregivers, agricultural or construction work
  • Canadian victims are often recruited by male peers. Vulnerable internationals are coerced into prostitution in Canada.
  • A number of organized crime syndicates and family based networks recruit girls to be trafficked between provinces.
  • Victims are controlled by direct (rape, assault) and indirect (threats) forms of coercion.
  • Reliable information about the scale and prevalence of prostitution-related activities, the trafficking of human beings, and the involvement of organized crime in Canada is still difficult to obtain. 
The Numbers: At Home & Abroad 
  • 12-14 years Average age of entry into the sex trade in Canada.
  • $280 000 Average annual profit from a victim of sex trafficking in Canada.
  • $300-$1500 Range of daily earnings off of one victim. Traffickers keep the money.
  • 93% of Canada’s sex trafficking victims were born in Canada.
  • 50% of sex trafficking victims in Canada are Indigenous. 
  • 20-30 million The number of women, men and children estimated to be trapped in slavery around the world.
  • 600 000-800 000 People trafficked across international borders annually.
  • $90 Global average cost of a slave today.
If you suspect someone you know is being trafficked please contact the Human Trafficking National Crisis Line 1.866.528.7109 or Crime Stoppers 1.800.222.8477. In Manitoba contact 1.844.333.2211.