Recent Events

Parliament of the United Kingdom

Joy Smith was invited to London, England to offer her 

expertise in the development of laws that would mirror the legislation she helped introduce during her time as a Member of Parliament of Canada. While in London, Joy met with British, Scottish and Irish Parliamentarians to discuss the implementation of legislation that would combat human trafficking across the United Kingdom.  






                                                                United Nations

Joy Smith travelled to the United Nations, New York City, advocating for an official apology from the government of Japan regarding the Comfort Women in World War II









Walk for Freedom Rally

Joy Smith was invited to speak at a rally in Calgary in which young people from across the city gathered to march, using their voices for the voiceless and spreading awareness about modern day slavery.









                                                                Freedom Climb

The Joy Smith Foundation patterned with Freedom Climb, a    fundraiser that took place in Fernie, B.C., raising money for women and children that have been enslaved, oppressed or trafficked. Participants in the Freedom Climb climbed over 60 kms in the Canadian Rockies as symbolic gesture of solidarity with experience oppression and exploitation.







 Partnering with Paul Brandt

Award winning country music star Paul Brandt has committed to partnering with The Joy Smith Foundation to put a stop to human trafficking in Alberta. In 2017, Joy and Paul plan to open a Centre of Excellence for survivors, the first of many across Canada, at Mount Royal University of Calgary.