Recent Events


Mount Royal University 

Students at Mount Royal University welcome Joy Smith where she spoke out about human trafficking. 



Paul Brandt Joy Smith with Paul Brandt


Paul is Canada’s most awarded country western star. His album, FRONTIER, has been nominated album of the year at the 2016 Junos.

He partnered with Mount Royal University senior marketing students on a campaign to raise awareness of Canada’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the human trafficking of girls and women.


He is a leading role model in combating the exploitation and trafficking of women and girls and plays an essential role in fighting this injustice to women.


Paul is a good friend of Joy Smith’s.  Together they are on a journey to combat human trafficking.

Joy is speaking on stage at the Bella Concert Hall in Calgary Alberta with Paul Brandt.  His music and voice touches the hearts of many.



Joy Smith hosts Lorna Dueck at her home.


Lorna Dueck is Canada’s leading TV host, who discusses world issues and how they apply to the Christian faith.  She has done a substantial amount on her show to expose the issue of human trafficking.   


Her ministry has touched the lives of many. 


Breakfast with Nate Larkin


Nate Larkin is a former john who bought the service of women for many years.


He convinced himself that the girls wanted to do this, and that he was actually helping them to get an education and earn a living.


Now he is aware that many of those women are trafficked and brutally treated, giving all their money to their traffickers while the traffickers take their dignity, their self worth and control their lives.


Joy Smith is congratulating Nate for courageously stepping forward, and apologizing to the church he pastored, to his wife and to the girls he exploited.


Nate is now trying to make restitution to all those young girls by boldly speaking out, informing men not to do it, to waste their own lives, to destroy their families, or use these young girls.  He explains what it cost him as a man. Nate says, "Its not worth the pain, the loss of trust and the betrayal to the family.”


Joy Smith Foundation Breakfast featuring Peter MacKay


An informative morning featuring leaders in anti-human trafficking advocacy and survivors. Attendees enjoyed an informative keynote provided by Peter MacKay.  Joy Smith proudly recognized community leaders, advocates and volunteers.