Support For the Joy Smith Foundation
"The Joy Smith Foundation seeks to be a recourse, support and encouragement to those front line organizations engaged in the difficult , and often overwhelming, work to combat Human Trafficking (modern day slavery) within Canada. Such support is both, needed and welcomed as we, as a society, seek to prevent the buying, selling and destruction of young Canadian lives.”    
 – K. Brian McConaghy MSM, BA, Founding Director of Ratanak International, former RCMP forensic scientist
"Joy Smith is Canada's leading anti-Human Trafficking activist and one of Canada's heroes - through her heavy lifting, she put Human Trafficking on the national radar screen. Because of Joy Smith, Canadians can no longer say they didn't know Human Trafficking was occurring in Canada".
 - Frank O'Dea, Second Cup co-founder, Order of Canada recipient
"Victims of Human Trafficking need more than empty rhetoric and nice promises - they require tangible and concrete support. This is why I so strongly believe in the Joy Smith Foundation.”
- Timea Nagy, survivor of Human Trafficking, and founder of victim care organization Walk With Me
"The Joy Smith Foundation will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Human Trafficking victims here in Canada.”
- Jamie McIntosh, Founder and Executive Director, International Justice Mission Canada

"The Fahr Group is financially supporting and endorsing the Joy Smith Foundation in its efforts to raise support for victims of Human Trafficking in Canada – too many Canadians have been trafficked in our own country.” 
- Fahr Group, a full service land development company in Winnipeg
"We are thankful for Member of Parliament Joy Smith and the tireless work she does to raise the voices of trafficked people in Canada and abroad. "The buying and selling of youth, primarily young women, under the age of 18 is typically thought to be a problem in countries such as Cambodia and Thailand. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just visible minorities who are being victimized, it's blond, blue-eyed Canadians, too."" 
- TRAFFIC JAM Canada (Stop Child Trafficking and Slavery)