Facts & Figures
The Criminal Intelligence Service Canada estimates that a single Canadian victim of sex trafficking is worth approximately $280,000 per year to her exploiter.
The same report noted:
  • a number of organized crime syndicates and family based networks recruit girls and traffick them inter and intra-provincially;
  • middle-class females between the ages 12-25 are recruited by male peers;
  •  victims are controlled through direct (rape, assaults) and indirect (threatening family members) forms of coercion; and
  •  the daily earnings received from one victim can range from $300 - $1500.
It is estimated that 32 million people worldwide are enslaved through sexual exploitation or forced labour. With annual profits as high as $36 billion per year, it ranks as the world’s third most profitable crime after illicit drug and arms trafficking.  CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE